10 A/B Tests You Need to be Trying Out for Your EDM Campaigns

There are a number of weapons in the marketer’s arsenal. One of the cheapest and most effective, if used well, is the email campaign (EDM). They canAB Testing help generate new business and they can turn first time customers into repeat customers. One of the key benefits of an email campaign is that you are already marketing to people who have some interest in your firm (depending on how you have acquired your email list). This means they are already pre-disposed to your firm so as long as you conduct the campaign well you will find it successful.

The key is to run A/B campaigns, that is campaigns where you try two different versions at a time, so that you figure out which techniques and formats work for your email campaigns. This will allow you to hone your marketing strategy so you can improve your conversion rates. Read on to find out how to conduct an A/B email campaign test.

Step One: Work Out What You Are Going To Test

The first part of devising an effective A/B test is to work out what you are going to test. Even if you have a number of different things that you want to test, you need to make sure that you test each individually as it is the only way you can work out whether it works or not. In the scientific lingo, you need to have a single independent variable otherwise you will never know which variable was the one that worked.

There are a number of different things you might want to test, including:

  • Call to action (Example: “Buy Now” vs. “Check Out Our Specials”)
  • The offer itself (Example: “Save 30%” vs. “Free shipping on now”)
  • Subject line (Example: “Product A is on Sale” vs. “Massive Discounts on Product A”)
  • Testimonials to include (or whether to include them at all)
  • Message content layout (Example: the use of a single column vs. two column, or different order placement for different aspects)
  • Personalization or formality (Example: “Mr. Jones” vs. “John”)
  • Body text
  • Headline
  • Closing text
  • Images

All of these will have a different impact on various aspects of the conversion process. For example, the subject line will work on how many people bother to open the email while the call to action will have an impact on how many people click through to your page. This means you need to work out what you want to test first, do you want to try to get people to open the email or are you relatively confident that they will and that it is more important getting them to click through? Also, some aspects are more important than others, the call to action is a lot more vital than the layout of the message so prioritise what you are going to test.

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Are there any other tests you would consider using that I haven’t mentioned here? Or perhaps you’d like to suggest specific findings from your own A/B tests? I’d love for you to share your comments below.


Chris Wilson
Digital Marketing Manager – Interpro People
E:    chris.w@interpropeople.com

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