Should You Leave Your Sales Job?

We often get questions from people seeking guidance on leaving their current job. Should you quit, without something else lined up, stick around, or keep an eye open for something new? There are three reasons that usually come out: Dissatisfaction with current position New opportunity or promotion Want to start your own business Quitting your 

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Cycling Across Australia for Charity – Leaving Soon!

Interpro’s internal talent manager, Fraser Gordon, leaves for a 13-day, 4,000 KM cycling trip across from Sydney to Perth. We sat down with Fraser to talk about his last-minute preparations, how his fundraising has been going, and what he’s most looking forward to. Be sure to donate to Fraser here:

5 Things you Must Do Before Creating an App

Having an App has become something of a business standard. Apps can be a great way to connect with customers, streamline business practices, or improve communication between your staff. Starting the app process before you have a firm grasp on what you actually want—and need—that app to do will only result in frustration and a 

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5 Keys to Content Marketing

Content marketing is about enabling your business to have conversations with customers before they ever buy a product. You can also use content marketing to build a deeper relationship with your existing customers. This is about more than just occasional blogging or sporadic posts to a social media account. A content marketing strategy is about 

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What to Look For in a Project Manager

Touching many industries and requiring a broad skillset, project management is an attractive career for creative, detail-oriented people. But what precisely does a PM do? The Project Management Institute isn’t exactly helpful in their A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge, writing, “Project management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques 

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Cycling Across Australia for Charity

41-year-old Sydney resident Fraser Gordon will cycle from Perth to Sydney in 13 days straight to raise awareness of depression and mental health issues. He has partnered with beyondblue, a national initiative to support those with anxiety and depression. “An estimated 3 million people in Australia face mental health issues every day,” said Fraser. “beyondblue 

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