Personalised Marketing – Not Just Marketing Automation

Personalisation in marketing is key to getting your message through the clutter. The massive billboards along the highway and populating cities are owned by major brands whose business is based on volume. Your business, while growing, is still making personal connections. You know your customers. As you grow, however, you’re finding it harder to make 

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Microsoft Acquisitions: What it means to the future of Dynamics CRM

By Craig Radford, Dynamics CRM Consultant @ Interpro In recent months, MS Dynamics has been in the news for acquiring companies to bolster is CRM-related offerings. In September, Dynamics added Adxstudio’s portal and application lifecycle management provider to their portfolio. It helped Microsoft expedite their plan to provide a web-and-cloud-based portal. In March, they acquired 

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Digital Marketing: You’re Doing It Wrong

Think back to the great advertising campaigns of the past. There was an evocative sense of community that arose around the work from agencies representing Coca-Cola, American Express, and Energizer. We still connect the bunny to the battery and when someone tells you, “Don’t leave home without it,” you know exactly what to remember. And 

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Why You Need to Lock Down Privileged Accounts

We all want to keep our businesses secure, however we also want our data to be accessible. Are those two concepts counterintuitive? A recent survey by Dell found that 76% of tech pros believe better control of privileged accounts would reduce the likelihood of a breach. The problem is that 80% responded saying that the 

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Swap Coffee for Water to Improve your Work?

  Could you give up coffee? What about alcohol? Do you think that switching to water-only will help improve your mood, energy, or productivity? While our staff love a Friday beer, this sounds like a good corporate challenge. If you never see another blog, it’s likely they got wind of the scheme.

Are Bad Guy Project Managers Harming your Business?

Project managers are integral to the success of complex project. They balance priorities, manage resources, and maximise personnel. Not all project managers are created equally, however. Bad project managers can slip through the cracks and, before you realise it, your project is scuttled.  What are some of the warning signs you should look for? Offends 

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Hiring and Firing – Democratically

One of the biggest (and most painful!) challenges in running a business is how to hire – and sometimes fire – the right people. But what if there were a way to take away the pain and make the process fulfilling for everyone—even those who are let go? In this inspiring talk, Rich Sheridan, CEO 

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