Business and Creative Tips from Elmo

Elmo, the precocious, fuzzy red muppet that has become the face of beloved kids show Sesame Street may not have a lot of business acumen but Sesame Workshop does. The educational institution is advancing its mission beyond 1-2-3s and ABCs to invest in startups that will help kids. In a future article we’ll dig in 

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Financial Services in 2016 – What to Expect

Interpro People’s Project Services Lead Jamie Rushin discusses movements in the financial services industry, what areas job seekers and professionals should expect to upskill to remain relevant in the coming years, and how the industry has shifted over the last four years.

Taking a Great LinkedIn Profile Photo

A picture is worth a thousand words; if you don’t have a photo on your LinkedIn profile, it speaks volumes. Having a picture legitimises you, and it doesn’t matter if you think you’re pretty. Your humble blogger is described as a “thumb with eyes,” and yet I have a profile photo. LinkedIn has provided a 

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The 25 Skills That Will Land You A Job

Hindsight makes it easy to know what you should have done in the past to maximise your career. If you’d taken a coding course rather than a throwaway fluff course—I’m looking at you, Underwater Basket Weaving 101—you’d be set up in a much better position for the future. The particular skillset might be outdated, but 

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Top Trends in Business Intelligence

Here are the top takeaway from Tableau’s new guide, “Top Trends for 2016 – Business Intelligence” that can be downloaded here. Look to the Cloud Data is moving to the cloud, making it easier to sort and access than ever. It will be easier to identify trends and apply them quickly to test results on 

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How to Land the Perfect Project Manager Job

When you don’t get a job that you think you’d be dynamite at, it can be a bit frustrating. In the world of project management, companies want to move quickly so it can be a challenge to hear anything back. Our Ellie Kostopoulos is presently looking for a project manager, so we picked her brain 

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