July 2016 | Interpro People

Key fundamental skills of a ‘REAL’ Business Analyst

I am often asked what clients are seeking in Business Analyst contractors so I have compiled a list of key fundamentals that might be insightful.  Exposure to various industries and projects. A real BA has the skill to extract and document business requirements from various sources (SME’s, user guides, workshops etc.). Professionals that evolve into BAs because of 

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One Well-Kept Secret to Interview Success

During my career as a hiring manager and a recruiter, I have witnessed a common trend, a trend which subsequently causes great candidates to fall short during the interview process. At this point, the words ‘culture fit’ are used to eliminate these candidates from progressing any further. In today’s society culture is an integral part 

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The ideal background for a DevOps Engineer?

DevOps is certainly one of IT’s current buzzwords. It is a word that is being used by professionals across the industry, similar to cloud technologies, to many people it is a very elusive concept. A common phrase I’ve heard is if you ask 3 people what DevOps is you’ll get 4 answers, and others will 

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