3 Ways to Best Utilise Your Salesforce Platform

Salesforce Is an expensive product to license and run, so the question is are you making the most of it? Salesforce is an amazing CRM tool and has come a long way since its inception in 1999. As of early 2016, it was one of the most highly valued American Cloud computing companies with a market capitalisation above $55 billion.

What can you do to make sure it is being utilised effectively?

Offering Training and Support

It doesn’t matter how good the platform is if people do not use it properly. It isn’t enough to get the license to run it without offering support and training in order to make sure people are comfortable using it.

Training is required to make sure everyone knows how to use the platform and is comfortable in doing so.  Hands-on training is required in order for everyone to grasp a good understanding of the system and its potential.  Training needs to be provided as and when it is needed, not everyone learns at the same pace so it is important assistance is ongoing.


Salesforce can be used in a wide range of industries and businesses, the reason for this is down to the systems flexibility and customisation potential. By customising the functionality of your Salesforce system it enables you to address your businesses performance based on unique requirements. However, it is important not to over customise the system, a thoughtful configuration and a simple customisation would be sufficient for most companies.

Having the right skill set in your team

The salesforce system is vast so it is of critical importance to have the right people on the job, the success of the Salesforce environment depends on it.

Investing in the right resources will go a long way in helping the business achieve success and its objectives.

Salesforce Administrators are of extreme importance to a business, their role is to keep Salesforce users trained and educated.  From there you can add other individuals into the team, depending on the size of the business you may need Business Analysts, Developers, consultants, and Architects.

Please see the table below which gives a good indication of the potential number of Salesforce professionals you may require dependent on the size of the company.



 Source: Salesforce.com


In summary, it is important to make sure a number of factors are in place before implementing the platform.  It’s important to think about how you can fully utilise it to ensure it is beneficial to your business. Please do let me know if you have any other ideas that I may not have mentioned?

Are you considering hiring a team? If you require assistance or would like some advice about how the Salesforce system could benefit your company, please do get in touch.

Rochelle Brooke-Stowe
Recruitment Consultant – Salesforce


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