6 examples of how an employer can stand out in a candidate driven market….

With a noticeable skills shortage on the local software development market that’s showing no sign of decline, it’s becoming increasingly important to stand out from your competition throughout the hiring process. We’re in a highly competitive market where the jobs are virtually applying to the candidates! And so it’s important to stand out from the crowd;

1 – Clearly defined job briefing – ensure your potential hires know upfront exactly what they’ll be working on and the purpose for their place in your team. An attractive greenfield project or interesting technology could be a personal driver for your dream candidate, be as specific as you can be.

2 – Be realistic…. Likewise, it’s important to be realistic on what the candidate will be working on and set your expectations accordingly. You can name all the latest frameworks on your spec to attract the best talent, but in reality, you’re not going to keep a top Javascript developer engaged if they’re working on general maintenance/BAU.

3 – Ensure your hiring process is engaging – It’s highly likely your developers are required to complete a coding challenge. Tests that are relevant to everyday development and problem solving, rather than something that questions terminology learned 10 years ago in a Computer Science degree, are much more engaging and highly regarded to developers. It may take more time upfront to organise a specific test yourself, but this will create a much better impression on the environment they’re going to be working in.

4 – Speed/Urgency – An obvious one, but all too often are we missing out on candidates through a drawn out process. A hiring manager might be pleasantly chugging through the interview process, with seemingly positive feedback from both sides. Next thing, your competitor has got in quicker and your ideal candidate is off the market before you’ve reached the final stage. If you have a good profile in your inbox, get them booked in as priority.

5 – Sell your company effectively – What do you like about working there? What might appeal to potential employees? Brainstorm, ask your team and make sure this is communicated to your recruiter and throughout the hiring process.

6 – Finally… don’t be afraid to think outside the box. You could be missing an absolute gun just because they don’t have commercial experience with AngularJS or ReactJS, for example. For the amount of time and money it will take in the hiring process to find this candidate, could you potentially hire a solid developer and get them trained up?

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