7 reasons why you should go to Tech Meetups

Working in the IT industry can sometimes mean working long hours, so why should you spend an extra two hours on top of your working day to attend a Meetup group? What are they? Who are they for?

Tech Meetups are for anyone who has a career or an interest in IT. They are usually free events in your local area, held at a bar or an office space and consist of presentations, discussions and break-outs. You will usually find Tech Professionals and Hiring Managers getting together to discuss innovation, technology headaches/Solutions. There is an opportunity to learn, sell brands and share information.

Popular website www.meetup.com have the tag line “Learn something, do something, share something”. On their website, you can search for Meetups within a 5 mile radius, for relevant events within your industry.

Here are 7 tangible reasons, to convince you why it might be worth investing some of your valuable time:

  1. Network like a boss! Networking is an important way to get yourself out there, meet future employers, identify business opportunities, and interact with peers and recruiters in your space.
  2. Learn something new! In a room of 100 Tech enthusiasts in your area, someone in that room will undoubtedly share an idea or trick that you haven’t thought of before. Suddenly, you may have a solution to a problem that you’ve been troubleshooting for weeks!
  3. Get your brand out there! You can easily sponsor a meetup, particularly if you have a common interest with the group. You can present, which may be valuable to the attendees & also a great marketing tool for your brand.
  4. Sometimes things go wrong. It is technology and it is inevitable. Why not talk in an open forum about your experiences and the lessons that you’ve learnt, to prevent others from going through the same pain?
  5. It’s a great way to make friends. You may have recently moved to a new state or country. A meetup is an easy way to find a commonality with like-minded Tech-lovers.
  6. The war on talent can be tough, particularly in niche markets. You can approach candidates or recruiters who regularly attend these groups to help bridge that gap.
  7. LOOK OUT – free pizza and beer, if you have a particularly nice event host!

Networking events are not for everyone – however if you like what you’ve read, Sign up, meet up and have some fun along the way!

I attend the AWS Meetup on a monthly basis, if you’re attending the next one, let me know louise.m@interpropeople.com.

Sources; www.meetup.com

This blog was written by Louise Mellor. Louise works from Interpro’s Sydney office to deliver our recruitment services to the Australian IT industry. Louise started her career in recruitment with Interpro in 2013, and was given the opportunity to build our Cloud Infrastructure capability from the ground up. Find out more about Louise on her bio page on our website.

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