7 Reasons you are not getting the Job!

How many times have you received a phone call from your Recruiter regarding a job, but you never heard from them again? Are all Recruiters liars? Why are they even calling me? Yes, there are still some bad practices in our industry but we are not all the same!

Here is the truth dear candidate! Recruiters are calling you because they think you are suitable for the role they are selling and at this point it all depends on YOU!

  1. Be responsive – Speak with Recruiter over the phone. answer-the-phone1

We often hear candidates saying “please send me an email, I am very busy”. We understand – we are busy too! Instead of exchanging 10 emails we can have a 10-minute chat over the phone, which in the end will save lots of time for both of us.

We researched our placement history at Interpro in Europe over the past 2 years and we found that 88% of the candidates we placed had been in regular contact with their recruiter via the phone (*defined as having 4+ calls with their recruiter every week during the active process). Remember good opportunities won’t stay on the market for long! So if you are very busy then rather than jump onto email, just arrange a time for a callback. 

  1. Send your references ASAP 

References! Why are recruiters asking for my references even before they submit my CV to the client? The answer for us is easy – nobody ever writes a CV to show their weaknesses, and everyone says they’re the right person for the job! You can come across a very good candidate over the phone but sometimes our clients don’t just want our word for it, they like to hear it from their peers! Please understand also that recruiters are working with top clients and these clients will ask us for references before they submit your CV to the client.

Why would a client want to go all the way through potentially 3 or more interviews (phone and face to face), spend time preparing, booking you travel, and chasing for feedback, only to receive a bad reference right at the end? In fact, why would you the candidate want to do that anyway?

If you really want to get this job, let’s have your references! Let’s also remember that apart from just checking for negatives in a reference, a good recruiter will use a positive reference as a great selling point to elevate you to the top of the client’s shortlist! If the client has 3-5 CVs for a position and you are the only one to provide references up front, imagine what that does to your chances of succeeding? And remember – the longer you take to provide reference details, the more chance you will lose this opportunity.About-me

  1. Be very open about who you are and what you want

I understand you want to get this job but please let’s be honest about your experience. One way or another it will come out if you have claimed to be an expert and usually, it all comes crashing down – let’s save the heartache and embarrassment! There is a job waiting for you somewhere, so just be honest and I will do my best to find a job which will be right for you. My colleague Priya in our Sydney office has recently shared her thoughts on this which you can read here: http://interpropeople.com/lying-cv-just-not-worth 

  1. Answer the questions

The reason I am asking about the experience you have is that I love to hear it in your own words! I also like to gain more insight into a market I specialise in. Please don’t say to me: “Can you not see this on my CV?” or “Haven’t you read my CV?”. Of course I have, otherwise, I wouldn’t be calling you! Would you say those things in an interview to a hiring Manager? I don’t think it would go down too well… I want to know how you will answer questions once the client asks you this in an interview situation, I also get positive signs from candidates if they can talk about a subject comfortably.  Don’t forget I can also advise you as I know what our client is looking for!

  1. Listen to the feedback!

If you’re not successful, please don’t pin all of the blame on me. Trust me I did my best to get you an interview! I love to help my candidates improve for future interviews, and I am happy to give lots of feedback on your CV if you’d wish – remember we see hundreds every day. You can read some more on this here: https://nationalcareersservice.direct.gov.uk/aboutus/newsarticles/Pages/Spotlight-UnsuccessfulInterview.aspx

  1. Keep your promises 

If we agreed that you will send me an updated CV by the end of the day, please do! Or if you said you will call after work, why haven’t you? We need to build trust, and I will be keeping all of my promises to you. It also shows me that once you have an interview arranged, you will stick to your timelines. Candidates who can’t be on top of their promises are at the lower end of my shortlists because this just sends me clear message: You don’t want this job!

  1. Be polite!

And the last thing, a very important thing! Be polite! We like you, and we will treat you with respect! If you are rude to me then I can only assume that you will be rude with my client too which means I won’t take your CV any further. If you constantly interrupt the conversation, and are just giving me very short, abrupt answers then I just won’t proceed with your CV. Please put yourself in my shoes, if someone is rude with you, would you want to work with that person? I don’t think so!

So here you go, just simple 7 things which will make both of our lives easier and more much less stressful! This could be the difference between getting that job or not! I really hope Mr Candidate we can work together and I can find you your dream job!

This blog was written by Agne Nekrosiene. Agne is a Candidate Manager for our SAP Europe team in London and has been with Interpro since 2015. If you have any comments on this blog please feel free to below. Alternatively you can check out Agne’s bio page on our website.

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