An Angular JS Type of Person

I was recently asked by a client for an ‘Angular JS’ type of person. “They don’t need to have any Angular JS experience, they just need to have to be that kind of person, you know?”

Oh, I know. In this case, stereotyping a developer based on their tech was not unwarranted, as the type of developer they were looking for would generally associate themselves with a product like Angular.

Thus, I set off to find said client their ‘Angular JS type of person’. One could make many assertions based on the limited information provided in the above description of the conversation, so I’ll define my terms for continued readability of this article.

Firstly, it is noteworthy to understand that Angular JS is one of Google’s latest structural frameworks for dynamic web applications and is totally in vogue at the mo’ in the development market.

Having been relatively new in the marketplace, Angular JS has made its way into many a tech stack across the world, with the most progressive of developers either singing its praises on high or scratching their heads (literally and figuratively) as to what the big fuss is all about.

Secondly, the type of developers who know what Angular is, furthermore used it, and ever further still have a well-informed opinion as to whether they like or dislike it, are the types of developers that have their fingers on the pulse of the market.

So much so, that their evenings, weekends and public-transport-journeys are generally filled with research and toying around with the latest in tech outside of the stack they work within their 9-5.

It’s the aforementioned ‘Angular JS type of people’ that explore the beyond the bounds of their employer’s tech stack, and as such, are the employees who have equipped themselves to contribute innovation and progression to the organisations that they work for.

You do the mental leap and think about the ‘Angular JS’ in your industry.

Regardless of your knowledge of Angular JS or even development for that matter; if we value progression as contributors to our workplaces and society at large, let’s be ‘Angular JS types of people’ and explore all that our respective industries have to offer our fellow staff, companies and ourselves.

This words of wisdom were written by Jackson Van Maanen. Jackson is our Digital Marketing, Client Services & Creative consultant in Brisbane. For more information on Jackson including his latest social media posts and job listings then check out his bio page on the website.

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