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5 Things you Must Do Before Creating an App

Having an App has become something of a business standard. Apps can be a great way to connect with customers, streamline business practices, or improve communication between your staff. Starting the app process before you have a firm grasp on what you actually want—and need—that app to do will only result in frustration and a 

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The Benefits of Starting Your Own Web Store

Amazon, Alibab, and eBay are monsters of the online shopping world. More traffic go through these three sites than anyone else. Their cut is respective of that. Is there value, then, in creating your own online store? Let’s look at the benefits and costs. Get More of (your) Money You are going to pay for 

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An Angular JS Type of Person

I was recently asked by a client for an ‘Angular JS’ type of person. “They don’t need to have any Angular JS experience, they just need to have to be that kind of person, you know?” Oh, I know. In this case, stereotyping a developer based on their tech was not unwarranted, as the type 

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