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Why aren’t we spending on mobile?

Why aren’t we spending on mobile? We live in a more socially-enabled world than ever with mobile usage at an all-time high. At the beginning of this year, Hootsuite reported that 34% of planet earth is accessing social media on mobile. By comparison, 37% is active on social media – full stop. With this increase 

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Social Technology, hindering or helping?

I’m standing at the train station, and I pop my head up from my phone and look around to a sudden realization that everyone is looking down at their phone or tablet. 5 years ago the commute to work would’ve meant reading a book or chatting with the person next to me; where as now 

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Are you a CIO or CTO?… Should you be worried about your job??

A lot of people are discussing this issue… Is your role currently being outsourced to Cloud Providers, Data Analytics Providers or Customer Engagement pioneers? Are you seeing more that day-to-day you are basically becoming a buyer/manager?? What are you doing about it?? The landscape of Enterprise Applications is changing faster than we have ever seen 

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