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How understanding YOU is crucial to making the right employment choice.

Struggling to decide between two job offers? Perhaps a head hunt call has got you thinking the grass might just be greener? When deciding where to go next or whether an opportunity is the right one for you, understanding your own motivations is crucial for making the right employment choice. The drivers contributing to your performance and happiness at work will be completely unique 

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“Hack Sydney” and a new era of sophisticated cyber-crime.

I’ve received an overwhelming response to a meetup I co-organise called Hack Sydney. Our second meetup will take place this Wednesday, 17th May. The global cyber-attack over the weekend by the ransomware “wannacry” once again throws the subject of hacking and cyber-crime into international news and highlights the vulnerability of sensitive customer data that is 

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USING SHARED VISION, CONNECTION AND INSPIRATION TO GO BEYOND TEAM COHESION Stephen R. Covey said it best: 1 + 1 = 3 or more when team synergy is right, and true collaboration breeds exceptional performance. Easier said than done, especially in businesses with a heavy weighting on individual measures for success. We all know that culture fit is 

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