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“Hack Sydney” and a new era of sophisticated cyber-crime.

I’ve received an overwhelming response to a meetup I co-organise called Hack Sydney. Our second meetup will take place this Wednesday, 17th May. The global cyber-attack over the weekend by the ransomware “wannacry” once again throws the subject of hacking and cyber-crime into international news and highlights the vulnerability of sensitive customer data that is 

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Pay the Good Guys and Girls More!

Pay the good guys and girls more!   It seems like every day there is a new hacking story. In an attempt to better protect themselves against vulnerabilities, many organisations and governments offer Bug Bounties. A Bug Bounty being a financial reward for ‘White hat’ hackers (the good guys and girls) to find vulnerabilities before 

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What Makes a Great Candidate?

So, What Makes a Great Candidate? Rebecca Kingsford is in the business of finding great people in the Cyber Security space. There are certain traits that she has identified that help people stand out from the pack. 1. A great attitude & professional She wants you to have an excellent attitude, be very positive, driven, entrepreneurial, and 

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