Challenge yourself…

As a rebellious teenager, I always hated being challenged.

I’m not talking about setting the personal challenge of ‘running that race’ or ‘climbing that mountain…’. I’m talking about the ‘Why are you doing that?’…‘What are your motives?’…‘What is your end goal?’. I was doing whatever I was doing, with very little motive other than that it was perceived to be cool…by me.

As I get older and progress through my career, I now thrive on being challenged.

A few key influencers in my work life, continue to challenge me. For example, having recently been approached by a senior candidate who is keen to work for a client of mine. I instinctively presented a problem to myself; my contacts at said client, are at levels where they would be reporting into my new candidate. What was I to do? Call my existing contacts and say “Hey, do you want a new boss? I’ve got the perfect person.” Not the best tact!

Then came the challenge…“Are you putting up mental blocks for yourself?” I was asked. It forced me to reassess the situation…The candidate in question is now meeting with their new peers next week for an introduction. Whether the end goal is reached in this current scenario or not, it is moving in a positive result.

Being challenged helps me to look at circumstances from different angles and helps me slow down and often assess, what is the end goal here and how do I achieve it? By slowing down and taking some time to challenge yourself, you can often create positive outcomes.

When was the last time you challenged yourself?

Jonathan Hildage
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