Are you a CIO or CTO?… Should you be worried about your job??

A lot of people are discussing this issue… Is your role currently being outsourced to Cloud Providers, Data Analytics Providers or Customer Engagement pioneers? Are you seeing more that day-to-day you are basically becoming a buyer/manager?? What are you doing about it??

The landscape of Enterprise Applications is changing faster than we have ever seen in any of our lifetimes (and yes before you ask, I am 27 and you probably know better than me). With the introduction and fast-paced evolution of Cloud, Social, Analytics and Mobile technologies, more and more businesses are asking their IT departments, “How can we stay competitive?”

Fear not (or maybe fear) but this requires just a little more homework and research… You remember those days back in your childhood, spending hours doing homework that basically revolved around you compiling, analysing and concluding on information you had learnt the day before in whichever education establishment you were lucky enough to go to?… Remember being at University and having to explore a new hypothesis, what the outcomes may be of a particular idea, which direction and what conclusions/impact/consequences this may have had on whichever field of study you decided to choose at the tender age of 18?… Well, you did it before and you can do it again! Now is the time to be nostalgic and remember what got you through those puzzling and yet so enlightening times!

The power (somewhat) has shifted. With such a rapidly changing service offering across the cloud, mobile and analytics space, users have a new and refreshing sense of entitlement when it comes to picking what they think they need, think (and hope/dream) is within budget and will align with their business processes to IT’s long-term strategy… It’s called the internet and easily accessible information!

Access to information on what certain applications can provide a user/business is widely available and you could potentially be at risk of a mutiny within the same company who’s choice of potentially business growing, enabling and competitive technology you supposedly control. All of which are selling themselves as the “best of the best” and have many USPs.

Time to be worried? I disagree. What an opportunity! This is a time when all CIOs and CTOs are at their most competitive and the best rise from the rest, victorious! Some will stick with what they know and feel comfortable with (in another word, lazy). Others will follow the hype and marketing of a particular product (look at the SFDC bubble). Then there are those that truly have taken the time to understand their business, how it reaches its customers and have done the necessary (sometimes painstaking) research on the newly available technologies that will provide their organisation with the correct and individual competitive advance.

So to those of you that think, “What is the newest and best thing available in the market?” is the right question to ask? Unfortunately, a bad move… When there are so many niche and specialist options available, this is a time, more than ever, to start listening to the Business and assessing the many many available products in terms of how they align with those business and industry needs… Never have I dreaded so much the workload of a CIO/CTO.

So… The landscape is changing… Do you need to fire your team? Of course not… The cloud and technology shifts offer a lot but one thing to mention that is still lagging is real wide-spread effective business customisation and adoption… Especially if you are a mature company in regards to Enterprise Applications and not a “come out of nowhere” organisation with early and rapid growth,  deciding to invest in an Enterprise Application suite… Years and millions spent on customising a solution that ultimately now is the back-bone of your business… Seems impossible to replace with some funky new sexy tech that can supposedly save cost, time, reduce headcount and looks “really cool”. More importantly than ever, having the right people on board that understand your unique business processes, technology and changing landscape is vital.

I hope that you, as a CIO and CTO, have already come to this epiphany well before me (the lowly Recruiter) and are already putting things in place to enable your company to still be that top competitor in the years to come. As we have seen in the Cloud Infrastructure market, an industry which has existed for a handful of years, 4 companies now own 54% of the global marketplace. Yes, we are talking technology product and service providers but these are companies that have taken over a result of technology change and so will those end-users that accept and welcome the current and rapid technology shift in Enterprise Applications and Technology as a whole…

How much of the market will your company own in the next handful of years and will you still be a part of the organisation? The choice is yours!

This blog was written by Chris Bennett. Chris is an Enterprise Cloud Applications specialist and has been working out of our Singapore office since 2014. He focuses on contract and permanent Enterprise Applications recruitment for both on-premise and cloud technologies. If you’d like to read more about Chris feel free to visit his bio page where you will find his latest on social media as well as up to date jobs he’s working on.

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