Cyber Security breaches, are you next?

“There are two kinds of companies that exist anywhere in the world: those which know they have been breached, and those which have been breached but don’t know it,”(1)

Welcome to the age of digital disruption 

Organisations around the world are better connected to their potential customers than at any other time throughout our history. It seems nearly all organisations are moving towards cloud based services and introducing BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) programs and starting to utilise IoT (Internet of Things) machines and equipment.

The benefits of the digital age are immense, Cloud services which can be more flexible and cheaper to run, a mobile workforce working with and producing live data, machines, equipment and components able to alert when they are starting to break down instead, your fridge reordering stock plus the countless other examples.

There are brand new opportunities and avenues out there for organisations but opportunities can work is many guises and one of the biggest is a direct consequence of the digital world we are in. We now have to better protect our networks, computers, programs and all the valuable data that is now being collected, stored and utilised from coming under attack, being damage or having unauthorized access.

Hello Cyber Security

In 2014, 693,053 Australian businesses experienced a cybercrime but only 11,073 reported the incident to CERT Australia (the national computer emergency response team). (2)

The Prime Minister announced a $230m Cyber Security Strategy as he pledged to make Australia a world leader in the field. The threat is so serious Prime Minister Malcom Turnbull recently admitted for the first time that the Bureau of Meteorology and the Department of Parliamentary Services (which runs Parliament House) suffered cyber intrusions.(3)

In May 2016 Transport for NSW were forced to close down their online booking platform for its Trainlink service. Hackers infiltrated the system, captured customer data leaving the agency unable to advise when the attack occurred and how many customers were affected. (4)

As one Cyber Security specialist recently explained to me “you’ll leave you house and lock your windows and door 99 times, the one time you don’t, you’re leaving yourself open to get broken into. Hackers only need one opportunity”. That one opportunity is enough to have serious implications. For example, the average cost of a significant Australian data breach is $2.82m. (3, 5)

Trust and Reputation

Around the world organisations are starting to wake up to real threats which can have serious consequences financially and possibly more importantly, both the trust of an organisation and its reputation.

Brand and imagine can be everything. Who really wants to shop online with a company that recently had its customer’s financial details stolen? Or who would feel safe going to a hospital knowing that it was recently held to ransom by hackers so they access their own patient data? (6)

Every organisation, large or small need to take preventative measures. Those measures could include establishing an effective information security management system (ISMS). Organisations need make sure they have the proper security controls in place which remain consistent pending any organisational changes, especially around risk and strategy.

With so many risks each company require a Security Leader, someone who has the ability to bring security issues to C-level management and discuss how security affects business decisions. Security is no longer just an IT issue. Your Security Leader will be there to assess if your organisation has Well-documented information security controls, processes, or certifications. (7)

Critical topics decisions that organisations need to decide upon are:

  • Working out what do we want to protect?
  • What is at risk?
  • How should we protect?

If you don’t know the answers to those questions, then it’s time we speak about Cyber Security specialists who can support your organisation and help make those decisions and better protect your organisations data, finances and reputation.

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