Ever Thought of a Career in Salesforce? 3 Tips On How You Could be a Part of the Dreamforce.

Career in Salesforce

Salesforce has come a long way from being a pure CRM company. They are continuing to add new products including Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud and the recently released, Einstein.

It is difficult to imagine how Salesforce could expand and grow further, however, having been voted the world’s most innovative company I am sure they will think of something.

The graph above indicates the huge potential growth of the SaaS (software as a service) industry, meaning there will be a much higher demand for not just Salesforce professionals but also SaaS specialists as a whole.

Specialising solely in this market, it is easy to see there is a definite shortage of candidates. After speaking to a number of clients, the majority seem to struggle with the same issues of both attracting and retaining high calibre candidates thus making it an extremely candidate driven market.

It is becoming apparent that new talent will have to be brought into the Salesforce market. However, what is not apparent is where this talent might come from! Research has shown that individuals from a different CRM background such as Microsoft or Oracle could transition across to Salesforce without too much difficulty. As Salesforce is consistently growing and at this stage not facing too much competition from rival systems from the like of Microsoft, Oracle and SAP, it could be a great time to start thinking about getting into the Salesforce space.

There are various ways which you can jump start your career in Salesforce, it can be daunting and take some time, however, the rewards could definitely be worth it.

The top 3 ways I recommend are:

1)     One of the most popular methods of introducing yourself into Salesforce is to go on Trailheads, an interactive learning tool developed by Salesforce itself to help you learn the basics of salesforce winning points and badges for your efforts.  Link is as follows

2)     There is also Youtube, this can be a great source of information offering demo videos, and examples of hands-on training.

3)     Networking, I enjoy attending Salesforce user groups and finding out what is happening in the market.  For me, this is one of the most enjoyable aspects of my job as a Salesforce recruiter.  For individuals working in the Salesforce space themselves, it can be a great way to learn new things about the platform, discuss any difficulties you may be having, and have any questions answered.

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