Great people, great team, great company

The Enable Professional Services team recently gathered at the fabulous QT on the Gold Coast to celebrate our success to date and plan for the Enable2adventures that lay ahead. It was a brilliant couple of days – the energy and contribution by everyone was amazing. A clear sign of how committed, talented and passionate our team are.

It was a rare opportunity to reflect on the ingredients that have enabled (see what I did there …) our business to grow so fast, in a sustainable manner in a very short period of time. Overwhelmingly, themes that came through over the weekend were:

Opportunity – our team have backed the business and each other. This has produced a results oriented and quality driven environment. Our people are leading and taking decisions on customer engagements everyday.

Our team – we have a high bar to join Enable, and the group is fiercely protective and conscious of continuing to raise the bar to grow our network and community.

Our customers – again, keep the bar high. Choose our customers like we select our team members, then partner with them, add value, deliver ROI and be trusted.

We all departed back to Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Canberra, Singapore or Brisbane with a commitment to do it all again soon. We entered the next phase of our growth with a theme of ‘Engage, Learn, Deliver‘. This theme complements and drives our values, assists our decision making and – when combined with our culture and business focus – will produce amazing results for each other, our business and our customers.


This blog was written by Bruce Hara, Regional Director for Enable Professional Services, and one of our business partners.


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