Why it is important to have a kick-ass website

Hiring good developers & designers does cost money but your short & long term gains of bringing these Guns in will make the cost seem minimal. If you pay the money once, you should only need tweaks and twerks down the line, you know the saying “you buy cheap you buy twice” this is definitely true in the world of websites. Here is why you need to hire that gun candidate:

1)     To attract potential clients, candidates & employees, the website reflects on you as a business, if you have cut corners and rushed the site then
your website will SCREAM lackadaisical (great word hey)branding

2)     A solid website = more business local companies, start-ups etc. may just search to have a look at you and your competitors — make sure you are a standout!

3)     Websites are a necessity in 2016, they are the new business cards. So make sure you rank well with search engines. Invest some time and money into SEO.

4)     Markets and trends are changing constantly, evaluate your website every 12 months to check you are not falling behind your competitors.

5)     Join in with the social world, have links directed to your Twitter, Instagram. Facebook and most importantly LinkedIn.

6)     Make your website personal, introductions of your team, events, videos – it’s a digital world why not be part of it.

7)     Keep your website up to date with fresh content. When having your website designed, make sure you can manage the content easily with a CMS such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc. There’s nothing worse than having outdated employees, products, or services on there.

If you’re a Developer looking for your next opportunity or a client thinking it’s time to take the step and be on top of your game then please contact me at – whitney.h@interpropeople.com or check out my profile on our website.

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