Increase in demand for Xamarin developers in Australia!

When joining the Mobile Development market back in March, I remember thinking I was going to have a pretty easy ride when it came to learning the technologies in this market. I mean surely, a company is either going to be looking for an Android, IOS or Windows Developer. Right?

Mmm unfortunately not! Since Microsoft announced they had acquired Xamarin, the demand for developers in this area has gone through the roof!!

You’re probably thinking what Xamarin is and why companies in Australia are going stir crazy trying to find people with this skill set? Firstly, like me, we need to understand what Xamarin is.

Xamarin is a cross platform development tool that enables developers to code native mobile applications from a shared code base – C#. Basically write once= run everywhere! Well it’s not quite that simple I suppose, but you do get 60-70% common code out-of-the-box while still using the native UI of each platform.

There are a number of benefits to companies who are considering a universal cross platform tool such as Xamarin. Some are detailed below:

  • Less time consuming! If you are seeking to deliver native apps quickly, then Xamarin is the way forward. Building apps the traditional way requires Android (Java) developers as well as iOS (objective-c or swift) developers; and potentially Windows developers too.
  • Xamarin is also good for building proof of concept (POC) apps quickly too.
  • You want native apps but don’t have budget for hiring native mobile developers? No need to stress! If you already have a team of highly skilled C# developers, then you will have no problem in upskilling these guys in Xamarin.
  • It’s simple and results in less bugs! And any bugs you do find are fixed once for all platforms!!

Following this, If you are a Xamarin developer seeking a new opportunity or a company considering using Xamarin to develop your mobile applications, then please feel free to contact me:

Neeta Dhahan
Senior Consultant – Mobile Development



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