Just pick up the phone! Here’s 5 reasons why…

Pick UpI’ve been in recruitment now for over 5 years and one thing that never ceases to amaze me is why someone who you have submitted for a role, and is going through the process with a client, then decides to go AWOL and not pick up their phone. I’ve heard a lot of reasons in my time as to why people don’t want to continue the application process for a role; “I didn’t like the team/office”, “another offer” or even miraculous weddings taking place all of a sudden where they will need to leave the country next week and will be back 6 months later. I’ve no problem with it, to an extent, however I just want to know!

Some advice;

Once you’ve agreed to initiate an application with your trusted recruiter – set up a communication channel that works for you, if you know you cannot speak much, set up times for catch ups (lunchtimes, after work, damn I’ve even tried weekends!) Agree the best way to communicate outside of those hours, text message, email (I’ve even tried homing pigeons at times, no not really but I’ve been left feeling that’s my only hope!)

Here’s 5 reasons why you should you pick up the phone to us!

  1. Feedback – I guess we all know how recruitment generally works, once you’ve been submitted for a position you should normally get a request for an interview or be rejected, either way the news is very important, you could be on the next step to your dream job or at least have a bit more of an understanding on how to better improve your chances for another application.
  2. Interview Details – So you’re one step closer to getting a new role, you will need to book a time to speak or meet the client.  If you don’t pick up within a reasonable time to discuss and confirm then the recruiter and client could presume that you are not that interested and they may decide to use your slot for someone else and you could miss out. Also prior to any conversations with the client the interview preparation you receive from your recruiter could mean the world of difference as they may have some more information for you such as interview feedback from other candidates which you can use for your do’ and don’ts.
  3. Interview Feedback – Once your interview is completed it is vital that you and your recruiter communicate, if all is as expected and this is the role for you, great! Your recruiter can use this to encourage an offer for you. If there are any areas which you may not have performed best in, your recruiter has an existing relationship with the client and can help to clarify your strengths and achievements. If there are any concerns or things unclear about the position from your side then these can be addressed now too. Either way, the client may want to know your thoughts about the position and commitment levels prior to any offer being made.
  4. Offer – You could have some great news waiting – pick up and find out! If you don’t and it’s unsuccessful there are still some gems to be taken away from the call with your recruiter, areas which you may not have performed well in, things to away and work on. Perhaps all is not won or lost and the client has some further questions before committing to an offer, the communication between all involved is vital, as especially if the position is urgent. If the recruiter/client do not hear back from you with a decision they will assume you are not interested and may even continue interviewing for the position which is a risk for you. Even if you decide to decline the offer, explaining this to the recruiter and client will show you have courtesy and could leave the door open for another time perhaps.
  5. News to help – You’ve decided to go ahead accept the position, well done! Success all round! There could be some information to help you which could make your life a lot easier, such as local places to stay, contacts in the company or area more importantly details about your starting and preparation as the wise words of Benjamin Franklin state: “by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail” My moral of the story is JUST PICK UP THE PHONE – you never know what awaits until you do…..


This blog was written by Alvin Vanathathar who works in our London office. To find out more about Alvin click here:

Thanks for reading and hope it helps!

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