Maybe it’s Time to Break up with Your Recruiter – Here are 3 Reasons Why

They call it the war for talent, but I believe that it starts with making sure you work with the best recruiter. Many people have asked me during my 9 years in recruitment what makes a good recruiter. There are innumerable answers to this, however, I have outlined 3 indicators for both the hiring manager and the job seeker respectively that will help in spotting a great recruiter.

When you get contacted by a recruiter who claims to be a specialist for your vacancy, how can you quickly judge if they could be of value to you?

3 indicators for a hiring manager:

  1. Structure

A solid recruiter who takes you on a journey on what they can do for you, how they go about it and what timeframes are to be expected. This will give the hiring process structure and set expectations. With these expectations clearly outlined, both parties can be held accountable.  This results in a more pleasant hiring process that will move quicker and with less hurdles.

  1. Integrity

A strong recruiter will discuss not only the positives but also the risks of the vacancy, of the introduced candidates and of the process where applicable. They will manage expectations on both sides by sharing all the information and not just what you want to hear. The approach becomes consultative instead of just selling and turning a blind eye.

  1. Timeliness

The best recruiters set deadlines for the client and themselves. They stick to these set milestones and keep communicating around these. By working towards deadlines, the recruiter will work harder and better and the client will know what to expect when. Most recruiters are competitive by nature, therefore putting them to the test usually gets the best out of them.


When you get contacted by a recruiter, how can you easily assess whether this is going to be a waste of time or time well invested? Here are 3 points that I would keep in mind.

3 indicators for a job seeker:

  1. Time-wasting

When you are contacted by an outstanding recruiter, they will elaborate on what they specialise in, how that is an advantage to you and the benefits you. They will give you specifics around your job type & industry.

  1. Consultative

The best recruiters are consultative and give advice on where they can help in regards to: your resume, tips on how to conduct yourself in an interview and tell you all about the position and the company and people you’ll be working with. They won’t only highlight the positives but also give the downsides of the opportunity and your application. And they will tell you how you can be more successful in the future and what role to (not) apply for.

  1. Integrity

The best recruiters will be honest with you and tell you what they can do for you, simply because they won’t have time to speak to people outside of their core business. They will provide you with feedback also if you weren’t successful and stick to their word.

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