One Well-Kept Secret to Interview Success

During my career as a hiring manager and a recruiter, I have witnessed a common trend, a trend which subsequently causes great candidates to fall short during the interview process. At this point, the words ‘culture fit’ are used to eliminate these candidates from progressing any further.

In today’s society culture is an integral part of how we live so it is especially important to consider that when thinking of joining a new environment.
I have written this article with 4 easy steps to help the next time you enter an interview.

Step 1: Do your research.

Throughout my time as a recruitment consultant, I have met a number of employers who constantly meet candidates who do not know anything about the organisation. Employers want to see candidates who have done their research and show a genuine passion towards them. Interviews should involve the candidate selling themselves and relating to the clients’ interests whilst showing what makes them a unique proposition. So whether it is your 1st interview or the 5th, research the company you are going to interview for and show your potential employer how your interests align with theirs.

Tip: find out the company’s mission statement and show that you are on board.

Step 2: Be interested (genuinely).

Try to tailor your informal engagement around your interviewer’s interests and show that you can relate on some level. This will make your
interviewer warm to you and show that you both have commonalities.

Tip: Ask your interviewer what they like to do in their spare time in order to improve their knowledge and skills, if it doesn’t match your personal ventures then take interest in what they say and try to find out more about it.

Step 3: Be positive.

Positive people are great to be around and employers will relate your initial positive energy to your work ethic and a final decision may be based on only one interaction. Make sure you take plenty of positive energy into the interview room and every interaction you have with any potential employers. Positivity rubs off on people and if you can display this trait to an interviewer the odds are they will want this positivity to rub off on their team.

Tip: If you are feeling a little low on energy make sure your morning coffee has an EXTRA shot in it!!

Step 4: Utilise your recruiter.

Your recruiter should have a good knowledge of the company that they work alongside. Make sure to ask your recruiter for plenty of information about the company your resume has been presented to and what sort of environment you should expect. By doing so you can be as prepared as possible, after all we are here to help.

Tip: If you feel like you haven’t gained enough information about your potential new role from your recruiter… maybe it is time to try and find a recruiter that is a specialist in the market you work in.


Culture is not always going to be the deciding factor on whether you are successful in gaining a new role, but by taking it into account you are adding a vital flavour to a recipe for interview success.

This blog was written by Cameron McFarlane. Make sure to include Cameron’s 4 steps on your next interview and let him know whether you felt it was a success.

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