Please Don’t Headhunt My Staff…..

I work in Recruitment, I have for 11 years and I love the career it has given me! Yep we are an industry that has a certain reputation and there’s even now a common phrase on social media…. “Recruiter Bashing”. People from outside our industry that raise a lot of discussion points and obviously are frustrated and I totally understand it.

However, something recently got me thinking. I received a message from someone in the Recruitment industry which asked me to not contact any their staff and try and recruit them for my business. I must admit, I found this strange.

We’re a business that is growing, and in our industry one of the biggest challenges is to find good Recruiters! After all, we don’t want to be “Recruiter-Bashed” now do we? In any candidate-short market (as Recruitment is), you need to be pro-active in finding talent. Specialist recruiters preach to clients that they will be proactive, won’t rely on job boards and scrap over the same CV with 40 other Recruitment companies. So, if you want to grow your Recruitment business then shouldn’t you apply similar methods to your internal recruitment?

A quick Google search brought me to an article written 2 years ago by Dmitri Goloub, at Hamilton Professional who are a Rec 2 Rec in Australia. I thought it was very interesting and we seem to share similar beliefs around this topic. I’d want him on my side if I was growing my business in Melbourne (and I have asked my Melbourne peers if they know him!). Check it out here.

It may sound clichéd, however, if we are giving our staff support, coaching, the opportunities to progress, meet their goals and a good environment to work in, then what are we worried about? People will stay if they’re happy and it can’t be good for your stress levels if you are constantly worrying about your staff being approached!

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My imagination starts to churn and I am now picturing a Manager spying through the window of the pub on Friday night just in case their Recruiters are being spoken with by a Rec to Rec or god-forbid a rogue Hiring Manager who gets a good impression from the people they network with!

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We’re all in Recruitment and we know how things work… Take it as a compliment, treat your people well and you’ll be fine…!

So, my question to Recruiters/Recruitment Managers/Directors and business owners out there is this… If you received this message from another Recruitment Manager, then what would you do or think? I’d love to hear your thoughts. If you have any opinion or comment please feel free to comment below. Alternatively, you can contact me directly on +44 (0) 7875 260 109 or by emailing me – 

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