From Re-clueless to Recruitment – My first thoughts moving into a new career in Recruitment.

Without realising, recruitment has been around me from the moment I interviewed for my first job in a supermarket at 16. Minimal attention was paid to the process conducted of staffing over 300 new candidates for a new store opening. Looking back now it’s impressive to comprehend how much work must have gone into interviewing, screening and hiring from a pool of 3500+.

Fast forward 8 years’ later and here I am working as a Salesforce Recruitment Consultant on the other side of the world in Sydney, Australia. Even though I have been in the role for less than 3 weeks, I can already scope the difference between recruiting shelf stackers to full stack developers! This project involves me sourcing the best talent in a highly competitive recruitment industry for a niche I.T. market, Salesforce. Getting under the skin of my clients and candidates is imperative to building my brand and standing out from the crowd as a specialist niche consultant.

I am a business graduate, so you would think my understanding of what recruitment was before I took the job would have been mediocre at best. Now that I have experienced the transition from what I thought recruitment was to what I’ve found recruitment to be, I can confidently say that the only way to truly understand the work a recruiter does is to do the work a recruiter does.

“It’s just finding someone a job”. This was the opinion I had before I had to do it myself. See, the issue with the statement that a lot of people don’t realise is, every time you attempt to find someone a job that you haven’t extensively screened and interviewed yourself, you risk your own job and future career. You act as a representative of your own brand that is see-sawed in-between both candidate and client.

My opinion of recruitment prior to recruiting was naïve. Nevertheless, the industry and its difficulties couldn’t be better suited to the strengths and characteristics I have. Although it is early days for my career and there is still a vast amount of learning and developing for me to do, I am more than up to the challenge represented when starting to work for a specialist recruitment agency.

This is my first attempt at blogging and I am excited that It won’t be my last. I am enthusiastically thinking that the future of my blogs will provide the inside scoop into what the life of a recruiter entails and I hope you can follow the journey.

Sam Jenkins
Salesforce Consultant

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