Having Trouble Finding Salesforce Experts? 3 Reasons Why Your Recruitment Process Could be to blame.

Working purely in the Salesforce market for the past two and a half years, I have experienced many good recruitment processes with clients. Salesforce LogoHowever, I have also come across many common mistakes that could easily be rectified to improve recruitment strategies thus enabling the organisation to ultimately secure that hard to find professional in a very competitive and candidate short market. Three common mistakes I have come across in my professional experience are:

The Process

Time and time again I have seen some clients miss out on good talent due to their length of process in interviewing candidates. It is understandable that a hiring manager can be extremely busy, however, not moving quickly when interviewing quality candidates will, at times ensure you lose out on good talent, especially within the Salesforce space. Candidates like this will be interviewing with several other clients, including your competitors so it is vital to move quickly, especially for the right candidate. Dedicating time to interview quality candidates and working to a non-lengthy recruitment process will put you in pole position, in front of the competition.

Lack of job scope and requirement

It is vital for a hiring manager to spend enough time with a recruitment consultant from the beginning, in order to provide them with enough information that is required to go out and compete in the market and source to their specific requirement as accurately as possible. During my tenure in the Salesforce market I have experienced both, clients that have been able to put time aside and provide me with the in-depth detail I need to go out and source the right talent. However, I have also come across clients that have been too busy to provide detailed information on what is required from the beginning. This led to a longer recruitment process, and loss of good talent. If this part of the recruitment process is done accordingly it will allow a client to interview quality candidates that are relevant to what they are looking for, which will ultimately save you time and effort.

Engaging specialist agencies

Engaging specialist recruitment agencies will cut down the amount of time wasted in reviewing resumes and interviewing unsuitable candidates. As I always say, its “quality over quantity”. Working with a Specialist Recruitment Consultant who is entrenched in a niche market can provide you with expertise and insight to the market, access to an already pre-qualified network of suitable candidates built on pre-existing long term relationships. Time is value for many organisations, therefore engaging a true specialist will add value and ROI.

When good talent is available in the market, especially within the Salesforce space, clients will need to move quickly. From my experience, I can safely say that high calibre professionals in this space are not on the market for very long. Not adhering to either of the above will cause a company to lose out on good talent, so it is crucial to work with your recruitment partner and to truly see them as an extension of your business. Providing them with accurate information from the very beginning, and making yourself available with continuous communication throughout the process, will only result in a quick and positive outcome.

If you would like to discuss potential recruitment strategies for your organisation, a particular requirement or just insight to the Salesforce market please feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn or contact me on dianne.d@interpropeople.com. You could also check out my bio page on our website for up to date jobs and social media.


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