SAP now geared for the Internet of Things

The internet has totally changed the world. That is no exaggeration, just try and think of what life was like a decade or so ago. Almost every aspect of our lives has changed since then, the way we work, the way we relax, the way we meet people, the way we fall in love, everything has changed. All because we are able to communicate via computer, all because the world is connected together. Now we are about to take the next big step, now we are about to not just connect via computer and phone, we are about to connect almost everything around us into Internet of Things.

The Internet of Things is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. Whereas the internet as it stands today is really a network of computers the Internet of Things is a network of everything. Essentially everything that we use in our daily lives is about to become a part of the growing network. The Internet of Things, sometimes called Internet of Everything, is the network of physical objects or ???things??? that have been embedded with electronics, software, sensors, and connectivity so that they can exchange data with other connected devices based on the infrastructure of International Telecommunication Union’s Global Standards Initiative.

The Internet of Things enables objects to be sensed and controlled remotely across existing network infrastructure, meaning that virtually everything in the world will be able to communicate with everything else. The ramifications for this are astounding, in fact it is set to completely revolutionise virtually every aspect of our lives, with experts estimating that the Internet of Things will have nearly 50 billion ???things??? by 2020.

Coined in 1999 by the entrepreneur Kevin Ashton, the Internet of Things has long been heralded but its time has now come, with more and more ???things??? being produced that are able to connect and communicate, from heart monitoring implants to biochip transponders on farm animals, from fridges to automobiles with built-in sensors, the entire world of objects is becoming a single network of interconnected devices.

Naturally all of this demands some pretty serious hardware and software and all the big firms are gearing up to be at the cutting edge of this new development, including SAP. SAP promise that their solutions for the Internet of Things will ???provide everything you need to generate data-driven intelligence from connected things, people and devices. Connect your business with the new generation of Internet-enabled devices in the cloud, transform your existing business processes and reimagine your business and customer experience.???

Ken Tsai, vice president of Platform Technology, Platform Solutions Group, SAP. ???With the latest release of SAP SQL Anywhere, enterprise data can be securely captured, accessed and fed back into SAP HANA from remote workplaces such as retail stores, restaurants and satellite offices within large enterprises. Customers can also collect and analyze IoT data required for performing critical tasks at distant locations with low bandwidth or intermittent connections or even while offline. The SAP HANA platform continues to spur innovation for customers by embracing the pervasiveness of information at the network edge to help reduce operational costs and improve worker productivity.???

SAP’s SQL Anywhere has been the go-to embeddable database for mobile devices and the Internet of Things promises to be a brave new world of possibility for SQL Anywhere and SAP. They have been working furiously to get this tech ready and have just recently showcased a new iteration of the software which includes a remote data-synchronisation capacity as well as a host of other features that will ensure that data can more securely between enterprise HQ and the diverse remote locations required, from retail stores to restaurants, from mines to vending machines.

With version 17, SAP???s SQL Anywhere is now able to shape its performance to ensure a tailored outcome on a wide range of different Internet of Things platforms as it is able to automatically detect any changes in the deployment environs so that it can adjust accordingly, no matter whether it is operating on a vending machine or a smart meter. Also new to version 17 are a DBA cockpit for database administrators and application profiling tools that deliver new generation monitoring and diagnosis to ensure that premium support can be provided for the vast array of Internet of Things application outcomes. This new version also supports a range of different programming languages and environments so that development is easier and faster.

SAP SQL Anywhere also provides a heightened encryption capacity and advanced data isolation so that the data will stay protected when at rest on edge devices and even during syncing with the main data centre, no matter whether it is on site or in the cloud. In fact, synchronisation has got better between edge devices, Internet of Things applications and SAP enterprise systems, delivering greater integration by using the Hana in-memory database platform as well as greater support of the latest iterations of the leading databases. Also, SAP SQL Anywhere 17 will not require as much downtime for maintaining and upgrading the database and applications as it has a bunch of new features especially designed for this including dynamic starting and stopping of connection protocols, online rebuild, as well as point-in-time recovery.

SAP SQL Anywhere 17 is available right now and provides enhancements and new functions to improve overall consistency and performance. If you want to be at the leading edge of one of the biggest developments since the internet then it is time to get SAP SQL Anywhere 17 and start making the most of it.

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