Social Technology, hindering or helping?

I’m standing at the train station, and I pop my head up from my phone and look around to a sudden realization that everyone is looking down at their phone or tablet. 5 years ago the commute to work would’ve meant reading a book or chatting with the person next to me; where as now it means checking emails (making it even harder to disconnect from the office once you physically leave it), refreshing social media channels and maybe watching some YouTube videos, but certainly not any human interaction (let alone a stranger *gasp*).


Is human interaction a dying art? We have so many outlets to connect to one another now, but actually meeting someone for a coffee to discuss business or well, anything really, is seemingly becoming outdated. This leaves one wondering, is it my approach or is the world just changing to such a digital level that human to human interaction isn’t efficient anymore? I luckily do meet with quite a few people every week, but also have a lot of people that would rather have a 30-minute call or FaceTime as opposed to a physical meeting so they don’t have to waste time leaving the office or their desk, causing little disruption to their day.

Technology is an interesting beast. It has made our lives easier, while at the same time having us live one online persona and one real world persona (which let’s be honest, at times, is exhausting). Technology isn’t going anywhere, it is growing at a rapid pace and we have really only just started to see the beginning of technology disrupt our “regular” or “old” human daily interactions. We have to make a conscious effort to talk to people, to be involved in the meet ups we attend (not just tweeting we are there) and to interact outside of the digital world BTB.

I am interested to know and understand how many of you would prefer a phone call/FaceTime as opposed to a physical meeting and why you prefer that. Is it more efficient? Is it too far out of your comfort zone now to meet someone? Are you just too busy? Do we think technology overall has benefited the way we interact? Comment below!

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