Sam Jenkins

Recruitment Consultant - I-Solutions

Sam joined Interpro this year with a focus on creating opportunities for Salesforce professionals and the clients that are endeavoring to find these highly regarded individuals. Sam predominantly deals with contract / temporary recruitment.

Sam has a background in sales and marketing which allows him to perform above industry standard in high pressured situations which suits the style of recruitment he is in. Often clients need roles filled within days as they are only short term positions, Sam is able to deal with this pressure very well and come out on top with the result that suits both parties best.

Having firsthand experience with salesforce enables Sam to have a knowledgeable approach to his recruitment methods and creates instant credibility when sourcing the best Salesforce professionals.

Living and working in Sydney means that this is where Sam focusses 95% of his effort. However, his open mind approach and anything is possible attitude provides him with opportunities all over Australia.

Sam is a keen networker and loves to read, share and create information on his interests, of which salesforce is one. He actively attends events around Sydney on Enterprise Apps & Technology so that he can stay on top of the field in terms of his own personal understanding.

This passion for learning partnered with Sam’s drive, enthusiasm and resilience make him someone that everyone loves and wants to work with.

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