Why Oracle is the Dominant Software Company in MENA

There is a healthy competition among CRM providers around the globe. SAP and Salesforce are constantly in the news for their acquisitions, PaaS provider ServiceNow continues to grow, and upstart company Microsoft continues to push forward with products that integrate with their already-ubiquitous Office line.

In the Middle East, however, it’s a different story. Oracle is the dominant Enterprise Application provider, and it’s not even close.

That Oracle is popular should not come as a surprise. In 2011, Oracle was the second-largest software maker by revenue. But the absolute dominance was somewhat surprising. We asked our Dubai EntApps specialist Jamie King about it. He said, “They are a Pioneer in the world of ERP across the region. Over 15 years ago Oracle implemented their ERP in to the UAE Government and have continued to roll out their systems to other government entities.” For perspective, this is 150 agencies, touching 30,000 employees.

The popularity in government made it an obvious choice for other industries that needed to interface with that system, says King. “Oracle implemented their ERP with a majority of the largest semi government and privately owned organizations. Other than Oil & Gas, Oracle took a strong market share of the biggest industries in the UAE (Government & Semi Government, Property Development & Banking).”

Dynamics appears to be the new challenger in the marketplace because it caters to small and medium businesses better than Oracle. That said, Oracle growth is expected to continue. “Organisations in emerging markets are always looking to improve their systems. I would say ERP, CRM, and BI systems are one-step behind our counterparts in more mature markets,” said King. “Companies realise this and continue to invest in their Applications and, in doing so, Oracle continues to grow.”

Being an established provider gives Oracle an edge; they’re retaining business by continuing to innovate. As a result, people who work with the technology need to continue to improve their skills. Key areas to focus on? “New cloud based technologies, business process re-engineering and understanding how to optimise the Oracle environment resulting in business benefits.”

As Oracle systems evolve, it becomes more difficult to find qualified candidates to fill essential roles. Says King, “Enterprise Application recruitment is seen as a niche area. It’s an area that continues to trouble internal recruitment teams, and generalist recruitment agencies. It’s a small part of any companies yearly recruitment budget but is such a vital one, if you get it wrong it can leave you in a great deal of trouble.

“Focusing so specifically in one market allows us to have an understanding of Oracle that exceeds any generalist recruitment agency or internal recruiter. You cannot scratch the surface of Enterprise Apps, in order understand your clients’ needs and Oracle itself you have to dive deep in to the technology, doing this has helped us grow a network of Oracle professionals second to none in turn allowancing our clients access to a pool of thousands of Oracle professionals across the globe.”

Even for an experienced, globally-connected firm like Interpro, finding the right people can be a challenge. “With a developing market such as the UAE sometimes the skillsets required for niche positions do not exist locally and I will have to extend my search abroad in to more mature markets, however this is becoming less and less frequent with the growth of technology in the UAE.” Dubai and the UAE broadly have a lot to offer prospective residents, but moving abroad can be stressful—particularly if you have family.

The benefits? King, a proud Dubai import, says “The social life you can live the UAE is as much an incentive as the good weather and no income tax. Millions of people a year come to this location to take their holidays and you have the opportunity to live here full time.”

Curious to learn more about the opportunities offered by Dubai? Want to know how we can help you make connections with your business? Get in touch with Jamie on his bio page on this site, or email Jamie.K@interpropeople.com.

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